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== Monthly use tables ==
== Monthly use tables ==
* '''''2020'''''
** ''January 2020'': [[SciLens cluster use January 2020 (diamonds)|diamonds]], [[SciLens cluster use January 2020 (stones2)|stones2]], [[SciLens cluster use January 2020 (gems)|gems]], [[SciLens cluster use January 2020 (stones)|stones]], [[SciLens cluster use January 2020 (bricks)|bricks]], [[SciLens cluster use January 2020 (rocks2)|rocks2]]
* '''''2019'''''
* '''''2019'''''

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Our cluster use registration scheme

Use of the SciLens cluster requires coordination; we use monthly intended-use tables for this purpose: For every month, and every class/tier of machines, we employ a use table with its own Wiki page. When a new month starts, we create a new set of pages for this month, one per machine class/tier, by copying (the content of) the respective template pages.

When you're planning to use the cluster, ensure that the current month's tables are created (and create them yourself if they aren't), then edit the appropriate table to indicate your intended use. If you intend to use machines next month as well, create the pages for future months as necessary and make your edits there as well. If you intend to use some machines for a longer period of time, change the template tables to indicate this use, then change it back when you're done.

  • Please do always claim machines before you start using them!
  • Please be aware that the current monthly pages reflect the actual claims, i.e., editing the template pages, alone, only will claim the machine(s) for the next month (i.e., once the templates are copied to the monthly pages); thus, if you want to claim for this and more than one more month in a row, please edit both the current monthly and the template pages.
  • Please do not edit the template pages if you to claim machine(s) for less than two consecutive months.
  • Please' also briefly indicate your usage pattern, e.g., all resources 24/7 or only some resources and/or only part-time.
  • Please recall to release machines (also from the templates!) once you're done using them!

If you do not have edit privileges on this wiki, or are having trouble accessing/editing it - please ask your academic host, or alternatively, any other DB Architectures group member for help.


Templates for a single month's use tables: diamonds, stones2, gems, stones, bricks, rocks2, jewels (rocks, pebbles)

Monthly use tables