Obi4wan Meeting Notes 2016-08-10

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  • Peter Boncz
  • Eric de Kruijf
  • Dean De Leo
  • Frank Smit


  • A test server from CWI has been provided to OBI4WAN to be installed at their premises. Similarly, OBI4WAN stated that also a cluster of machines, intended for running experiments, is going to be installed soon.
  • Peter gave an overview of the recent papers and works related to the group in recent conferences and, overall, at the LDBC group.
  • Dean reported that an early stage implementation to perform shortest path queries over graph-shaped set of attributes on MonetDB has been implemented. However there is no SQL front-end, it needs to be accessed through the MonetDB intermendiate language.
  • Frank discussed the kind of workloads and scenarios that OBI4WAN eventually wishes to handle. Currently they are investigating whether Spark might be suitable for their purposes.
  • Eric reported he is starting to implement a driver for the LDBC social network benchmark over the Spark GraphFrames platform. Currently he is working with the validation set on a cluster of machines at CWI. He is facing and debugging some initial issues.

Actions arisen:

  • Obi4Wan should install & setup the additional machines intended for the experiments.
  • Obi4Wan will continue to work on the implementation of the driver for the LDBC benchmarks.
  • CWI shall progress on their implementation of MonetDB for graph-like queries.

Next meeting

Friday 16/09/2016, 9:30