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There are multiple ways to install the latest release of MonetDB on OS X.

From Homebrew

  • First, install Xcode Command Line tools. To do that run the following command in Terminal:
xcode-select --install
  • Next you will need to install Homebrew. More information on Homebrew is available here [1].
  • Finally install MonetDB from the formula on the Homebrew repository. Homebrew will download the latest released version (along with any dependencies), configure it for your system and build it.
brew install monetdb

From archive

  • First download the latest released version on MonetDB from here [2]. Make sure you pick the right one for your architecture.
  • Unpack the archive in a location of your discretion.
tar xf <filename>

The archive comes prebuilt for the selected platform and has a directory structure mimicking the location where it should generally be installed: /usr/local/monetdb.

  • Next, you can link the usr/local/monetdb directory from the archive to your /usr/local/monetdb
ln -s usr/local/monetdb /usr/local/monetdb
  • Finally make sure the MonetDB bin directory to your PATH by adding the following line to your shell config:
export PATH=/usr/share/monetdb/bin:$PATH