Obi4wan Meeting Notes 2016-10-04

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  • Peter Boncz
  • Eric de Kruijf
  • Dean De Leo
  • Frank Smit


  • Peter: proposals for future projects. Possibility of preparing a presentation for the next TUC meeting. Ideas for an intern to work on few projects related to Spark.
  • Eric: initial results of the benchmark. The completion time on one machine is about 20 hours for SF1 and about 15 hours (?!) for SF3. On 4 nodes, SF1 requires about 7.5 hours and SF3 about 5 hours. We have not looked at the individual times per query yet. Using FiloDB, while having not considered KUDU yet.
  • Frank: SF10 does not run with a single node set up.
  • Eric: reporting timeouts on the side of Cassandra, due to complex joins.
  • Dean: implemented a prototype to state and perform shortest path queries on top of MonetDB.

Actions arisen:

  • Eric: finishing the execution of the benchmarks, then preparing a report with the final results.
  • Dean: starting to run the benchmarks for MonetDB

Next meeting

Tuesday 29/11/2016, CWI premises