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Lots of information is provided by the MonetDB official documentation:

This page is intended to provide additional resources to facilitate/complete a first contact with MonetDB.

Several of the enclosed documents were written for a MonetDB workshop organized within the TELEIOS project

Compilation and installation[edit]

You may chose to work with either the installer/packages for your OS, or the sources. They can all be found here.

If you decide to install MonetDB from sources, the following documentation is available:

The sources are also available through a version control system, Mercurial. An introduction to Mercurial may be found here

Presentation and first contact[edit]

General presentation[edit]

  • The following slides give an insight into which challenges are addressed by MonetDB, and how it differs from other DBMSs:

pdf odp ppt

"Hello world" and more[edit]

Official Tutorial

MonetDB components: Merovingian, MonetDB, Mserver5 and Mclient[edit]

  • An introduction here

Memory management in MonetDB[edit]

Using MonetDB[edit]

Managing data[edit]

MonetDB provides full support for standardized SQL. Users can also use the fast assembly-like language MAL.

An alternative presentation of SQL with MonetDB may be found here:
Milena's presentation
Example data & scripts

These slides present MonetDB "in action" with a real-life scenario (analysis of radio telescope data):
Bart's presentation

Embedding MonetDB[edit]

MonetDB supports a vast range of client interfaces.

Examples of application using it as back-end are provided here.