MonetDB-RDF-SparQL meeting (10.03.2011)

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Participant list:

 CWI: Lefteris Niels Peter Sjoerd Duc
 UOA: Babis Mixalis Kostis (by spirit Manolis) 


 * Brought up to date the members of UOA on the MonetDB/RDF ideas.
 * Talked about self referenced triples (TIDs)
 * Incorporating spatial (and temporal) data 

- TID (triples ID)

 + Each triple has an ID, its position on the triple table, referred to hereafter as TID
 + Statements about triples can be made using the TID of the form (TID,property,object)
 + The most significant bit of the t byte if set then the triple has the form of (TID,property,object)
 + The rest 7 bits of t are left for typing the object

- Spatial

 + Two 32 bit integers [latitude,longitude] concatenated into one 64bit int appearing only as object
 + A spatial type is defined on the t byte
 + Zone / Clustering Index on the spatial data