November 2007

These release notes are replicated for historical purposes only. The release is not supported anymore.

Release “2007-11-22” (released on Nov 22 2007) consists of the following updatedparts MonetDB Clients 1.20.2, MonetDB5 Server 5.2.2, MonetDB5/SQL 2.20.2.

This release is a bug fix release, covering the following items:

  1. Clients: The APIs for python, perl and php have been synchronized by the latest state of the Mapi protocol and implementation. JDBC contains a non-blocking IO fix for slow network connections.
  2. A performance fix of the group module. Improved grouping functionality significantly through a better estimate of the intermediate sizes.
  3. The MonetDB/SQL embedded version has been made to work again.
  4. Memory leakage in both the Server and SQL module have been addressed.

Bug fixes

List of fixed bugs

  • 1834941 cursor.executemany (python) fails
  • 1834442 Compiling clients (Stable) failed on GNU.32.32.d-Gentoo1.12.
  • 1833800 Python errors not getting passed through MAPI
  • 1831630 Clients: Debian gcj/ant doesn’t work.
  • 1828314 make failed on MonetDB5
  • 1827627 –enable-bits doesn’t work with icc
  • 1826708 Merovingian: cannot start out of the box, as dbfarm doesn’t
  • 1823387 Cascade operations in different sessions…
  • 1823378 Incorrect return type of “with - seeded by - recurse”
  • 1819168 sql/src/test/mapi/python_dbapi test fails
  • 1814768 Python Client problems

Release “2007-10-17” (released on Oct 22 2007) consists of MonetDB Common 1.20, MonetDB Clients 1.20, MonetDB4 Server 4.20, MonetDB4/XQuery 0.20, MonetDB5 Server 5.2, MonetDB5/SQL 2.20.

This release marks a long summer of mostly core software development and maintenance. The restructuring of the source tree was partly successful. Semantic dependencies amongst packages, however, forced us to release more components together than originally planned. Close interaction with some large users provided valuable input for bug fixes and performance improvements.

SQL We added a way to bulk request sequence numbers. When loading (copying) data into tables which have an auto_increment (or alike) column lots of time was spend in the many calls to get all the sequence numbers (observed a performance in crease of about 10x when loading pieces of 100K rows) TINYINT was added to the standard repertoire. We changed how selections over multiple columns of a single table are handled. Furthermore, several bugs stemming from large-scale deployment have been resolved.

XQuery In the XQuery area many issues have been dealt related to the transaction safe update functionality. Furthermore, a value based indexing scheme has been added to speedup the search.

Clients The mclient utility has undergone a major overhaul. It moved from a Spartan rendering of SQL results towards a more user friendly tabular rendering on ascii terminals. In passing, the option structure and command options has been stratified and extended with a few use full functions, e.g. piping the tabular result as a CSV to an external program. Use the –help for an overview.

MonetDB 5 Merovingian has been added as the gatekeeper of all SQL database services in a particular farm. It redirect clients to the proper connection. The accompanying Monetdb toolkit provides a textual frontend for assessing the status of a collection of MonetDB servers.

Bug fixes

A summary with the highlights is given below. The detailed list of changes can be found in the source code CVS change logs.


  • 1806869 SQL: prepare output has unqualified table_name header
  • 1790101 SQL: parser warnings
  • 1786908 SQL+PF: loading both “sql_server” and “pathfinder” fails
  • 1775550 SQL: implied conversion from numeric to varchar disconnect
  • 1774312 SQL: conversion from decimal to varchar error
  • 1774217 SQL: order by timestamps column with limit crash
  • 1757923 SQL: Prepared statement type mismatch
  • 1737777 select id not in another select…
  • 1737668 Alter table to add Fkey….
  • 1734143 Update fkey with a values not in the pkey…
  • 1733712 Update pKey with the same value for different rows…


  • 1786397 XQ: SAX serialization not working properly
  • 1771532 MIL-optimizer fails sometimes for big queries
  • 1766414 XQ: third pf-add into collection fails
  • 1763575 XQ: insert attribute gives ERROR in merged_union
  • 1763495 XQ: illegal offsets in swizzle (2)
  • 1760811 XQ: illegal offsets in swizzle
  • 1758902 XQUF replace function seems to corrupt the database
  • 1757327 XQ: attributes in 2nd doc don’t show
  • 1755466 XQ: printing special characters in comment nodes
  • 1751684 XQ: merged_union error with fn:sum()
  • 1747017 XQ: admin console images not installed
  • 1743442 XQ: illegal XML syntax in serialized attributes
  • 1743433 XQ: problem with ampersand in attribute value
  • 1766173 Double for / position / sub-sequence bug
  • 1760445 PF: test attribute_access_mposjoin_error.SF-1726928 fails
  • 1760168 PF: wrong use of leftfetchjoin causes segfault in bat_cast
  • 1741459 PF: ws_create inconsistently adds a collection node
  • 1740502 PF: live-variable-limit-handling in mil_opt.c buggy
  • 1737735 128MB RAM needed to compile ‘1’?


  • 1774575 Single page manual damaged
  • 1754452 NullPointerException in MonetConnection
  • 1739356 TRACE,PROFILE,DEBUG should be impossible for JDBC and ODBC
  • 1739353 EXPLAIN support from JDBC
  • 1733744 Cannot connect via ODBC (from Powerbuilder 10)