Memory management, 8 years later

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Hi Roberto,

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> Hi all,
> 8 yeas after this interesting thread about using ulimit to limit the data
> segment size (
> ), a few
> things have changed and I find myself a bit lost again about memory management.
> At some point (can't remember when) mserver5 stopped respecting ulimit. No
> matter how I change the limits, it always sees all available physical ram. Does
> any other mechanism exist?

I think this is the correct behaviour of ulimit. The mserver5 process has nothing to do with it, ulimit controls how much resources a shell can use, it does not "fake" the amount of physical memory of the machine. And the behaviour of a process that hits the ulimit setting likely behaves differently than a process on a machine that runs out of real memory. And you also have to take into account that you can have ulimit settings for users, processes and shells.

> The issue I'm facing all the time, and for which I find very little
> documentation, is:
> - multiple dbfarms, possibly tens of mserver5 instances, running on the same
> (virtual) machine, plus other applications
> - Not necessarily, but most times each dmfarm is served by a Docker container
> - CPU and memory resources need to be share fairly (ideally, controlling
> priorities)
> - No mserver5 should ever be killed because of memory issues
> Now, especially when using Docker, there are means to control the maximum memory
> size allowed to each process. However, the resolution in case of overusage is
> to kill the process. That is of course not a solution.
> What I'm looking for is: can I set a cap to resources *at process level*, in a
> way that mserver5 will just *see* those, make the best out of them, and never
> try to use more? (yes, one way would be a VM, but far from ideal for me)

I think you are right that the only available solution is vm's. Otherwise monetdb would have to enforce the memory usage per process itself. But i am not sure if this information is available internally. And even if it is, how would you handle for example a situation where one of the dbfarms runs out of memory during a query that is split over multiple dbfarms?


> Does anyone have experience with / tips about multi-dbfarm environments?
> Thanks!
> Roberto
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