Performance issues when streaming records from table.

Manuel Pagliai manuel at
Wed Jun 20 19:19:45 CEST 2018

We are interested in adding support to import records from Monetdb tables
in the ETL we are developing. We have performance issues when executing
queries like:

select col0, col1, ... coln from <table>

on tables with a large number of records. What I am concerned about is the
time spent upfront, before the first record is retrieved:  once records
become available we can start processing them.

For example, on my machine, executing a executing a select * from <table>
query on a 68 million records table takes around 24 seconds for the query
to execute, before it is actually possible to start retrieving records from
the server response.

Queries are submitted via the JDBC driver.

Is there a more efficient way of streaming records from a table ?


Best regards,

*Manuel Pagliai*
Visokio Ltd
+44 20 7351 4646
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