Setting Up Tools

Sandy sandy at
Sat Jun 24 01:46:58 CEST 2017

Just getting back into trying MonetDB after many years. Got the 
environment set up pretty well with the test DB `VOC` loaded up and able 
to do all expected in the command line tools. So I figured I would give 
a couple of the mentioned GUI tools a shot and see how they work against 
the server I just set up on a virtual box.

I picked up the JDBC drivers and installed on my Window's 10 install of 
SQuirrel SQL and DBeaver. I got both of the drivers works sort of... On 
DBeaver I can execute and see queries in the tool but can't do much more 
than that.

Overall looks like an issue with accessing the system table 
`sys.environment`,  not sure if anything related to set up or rights. 
Using the `voc` user as created with the example db in the getting 
started.  Any help or thought on where to start?



-------- Errors

* DBeaver 4.0.8

On inspection of some of the logs I see things like -

`Error loading object metadata from database`

`SQL Error [22000]: SELECT: access denied for voc to table 'sys.environment'
   java.sql.SQLException: SELECT: access denied for voc to table 

* SQuirreL SQL Client  3.7.1

java.sql.SQLException: SELECT: access denied for voc to table 

-------- Driver and DB versions

I'm using this JAR for the drivers - 
C:\Users\Squidward\Downloads\monetdb-jdbc-2.25.jar, 2.25 (Liberica 
20170330 based on MCL v1.15)

MonetDB version - MonetDB v11.25.23 (Dec2016-SP5), 

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