Support for multi-column aggregate functions

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I was hoping to use a native/low level implementation for high performance (my data set is on the order of 2.  It looks like multiple column aggregates are supported (corr & covar) so in theory I could add a new function.

Poking around in the archives, it looks like I need to add a new MAL and link it to a C implementation.

Are there any examples on how to do this?

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possible to translate one of these?<>

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I am really looking for an implementation of a weighted percentile within a group.

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Does the current version of MonetDB support multi-column aggregate functions? I need to create a function which returns the "quantiles" of one column using another column as a weighting. It looks like PostgreSQL supports multi-column aggregates as of 8.2.

I could write an embedded R function to compute this, but want to know if it is even possible to pass in multiple columns.

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