ODBC driver cannot be removed (or repaired, upgraded), Jan2014-SP2 .msi files

László Sándor sandorl at gmail.com
Thu May 22 11:15:15 CEST 2014

With today's Jan2014-SP2 update, I wanted to uninstall and reinstall using
the .msi files in Windows Server 2012. (I also wanted to change the install
locations, as I have no access to the default location on C to change the
bat files and edit where my dbfarm should be.)

Maybe because I ran MonetDB5-SQL-Installer-x86_64-20140514.msi
before MonetDB-ODBC-Installer-x86_64-20140514.msi, but now the ODBC remove
fails, repairing also. A desperate deletion of the entire C:/Program
Files/MonetDB, did not make things better, maybe it made worse.

Could you let me know how I could proceed with uninstalling the ODBC
driver? I do want to have a clean, stable reinstall (under the new
location) which I can trust.


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