COPY INTO robust to empty row at end of CSV

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Sun May 18 23:10:08 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Hannes Mühleisen (cc'd) generously shared his Python script with me last week, which
automates the creation of tables from text files: Python's csv-reader helps
recognize the dialect of the text file as well as grab the header for
column names and identify the types for the columns, and then a single COPY
%i OFFSET %i RECORDS INTO %s FROM \'%s\' USING DELIMITERS … is issued to
MonetDB (see line 404 of the script).

I had some issues with this over the last three days, but now I see the
source of the error I get: There is nothing wrong with Hannes's Python code
but when COPY INTO turns back to the text file, MonetDB still complains
about the last row containing an "incomplete record" (it is empty) even if
Python was smart enough not to count that row into the number of records

Is there a way to call COPY INTO that is robust to the text file ending in
an extra empty row? It is common with some generated CSV or TSV files.

By the way, I also have a follow-up about how to merge some of the tables
together. I am happy to work on this, of course, I don't expect anyone to
script this for me, but I am confused about how much I can use SQL
variables for this (and how) versus how much I need to use another language
to script the repeated calls to MonetDB about each year for each series of
tables (I have dozens of dozens). I hope this is a reasonably well-posed

Thanks for any help,

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