MonetDB and SQLWorkbench

Satoshi Nagayasu snaga at
Mon Jul 29 05:41:59 CEST 2013


(2013/07/27 23:33), Radovan Bičiště wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for sharing. We use SQLWorkbench too. It works fairly well for us
> even without modifications. It works the best with the latest dev build.

Thanks for the comment. I didn't know that SQLWorkbench can work with 
MonetDB without modification, and a SQLWorkbench guy told me the same
on the sqlworkbench list.!topic/sql-workbench/JoPdcdsdl5g

> Before that there was an issue with displaying objects with underscore
> in the name.

Thanks for the info.
I had tried the latest stable release, so will check the dev build too.

> We use Workbench for:
> - developing procedures and functions from scripts
> - querying data
> - generating inserts for tables
> - inline data modifications from Database Explorer
> Could you please elaborate on the changes you made?

Well, I just added an entry for MonetDB in DatabaseTemplates.xml
in the sqlworkbench.jar. Then, I can choose MonetDB in the pull-down
menu on the connection dialog.

Satoshi Nagayasu <snaga at>
Uptime Technologies, LLC.

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