Monetdb copy binary time varys very much!

Angelasweet hlfwmqd at
Fri Jul 26 16:11:43 CEST 2013

Hi Martin,
I follow you advise, and there is error as follows:

ERROR = !COPY INTO: cannot pass number of records when using binary COPY
INTO in: "copy 200000 records binary into tmatch
'/data/writeBinaryWM/11', '/data/writeBinaryWM/12',
'/data/writeBinaryWM/13', '/data/writeBinaryWM/14',
'/data/writeBinaryWM/15', '/data/writeBinaryWM/16',
'/data/writeBinaryWM/17', '/data/writeBinaryWM/18',
'/data/writeBinaryWM/19' )"
        !current transaction is aborted (please ROLLBACK)

2013/7/26 Martin Kersten <Martin.Kersten at>

> This runs shows expected flushing.
> You might get somewhat better performance when you follow
> the advice in**Documentation/Cookbooks/**
> SQLrecipes/LoadingBulkData<>
> e.g. use COPY 44000000 RECORDS ....
> The COPY INTO forms mentioned so far share one important drawback.  When a
> lot of data is to be inserted, the server doesn't know how much memory to
> allocate for the tables, and so will likely allocate too little. This means
> that during the insertion process, the server has to grow the allocated
> memory area.  This can be an expensive operation.  Therefore, it is better
> to give the server a count of how many records are to be inserted:
> COPY n RECORDS INTO table FROM 'file';
> Here n should be a number that is at least as large as the actual number
> of records to be inserted.  If the file contains more than n records, only
> n will be inserted, if the file contains fewer, all values will be
> inserted.  Giving a higher number is especially useful if multiple COPY
> INTO queries are to be done on the same table.  The first COPY INTO, when
> the table is still empty, should be the total count of to-be-inserted
> values so that the server will allocate enough memory when the tables are
> first created (they are only really created once data is inserted).
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>> Hi,
>> You should plot the times of each of your runs to see the trend.
>> This single run may be an outlier, which could come from anything
>> in your system environment. Even a seemingly harmless concurrent
>> program using significant memory could compete with MonetDB.
>> And indeed, at some point you will see disk IO.
>> regards, Martin
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