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Martin Kersten mk at monetdb.com
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Thank you for your expressed interest and worry in MonetDB/XQuery.
quote http://www.monetdb.org/XQuery:
Due to lack of development and manpower to port the software to MonetDB 
version 5, we had to freeze the code base.

In a nutshell this is precisely the reason. Within the core development 
team there was
no interest to pursue research on XML database technology any further.
Research on XML in the database community is not in fashion either anymore.

Furthermore, the underlying kernel had evolved to a completely different 
one, Mserver5, which
would require excessive porting effort not justified by the research 
funds available.

Keeping both software distribution lines alive in the opensource also 
hindered progress along the main trunk.
The group headed by T. Grust, heaviliy involved in MonetDB/XQuery, also 
went another way.

Freezing the code base was the only option. Likely, it will collect dust 
in the attic until
others may see use.

Greetings, Martin Kersten

On 7/20/13 3:08 PM, Stephen Cameron wrote:
> Hello List,
> Is there anyone making use of XQuery with MonetDB?
> Why was this XQuery work terminated/frozen, obviously its now a low 
> priority, but why?
> People seem to resist saying that something is not as good an idea as 
> first thought!
> Thanks for your insights.
> Steve Cameron
> collinta.com.au <http://collinta.com.au>
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