Giving monetdb a fair chance

Franck Routier franck.routier at
Fri Jul 12 08:30:03 CEST 2013

Hi Martin,

Le 11/07/2013 22:44, Martin Kersten a écrit :
> These numbers add not up to 450 seconds.
Yes, 450 account for the multiple requests Mondrian sends to make up its 
ROLAP cube.
But I have tried to narrow my searches to one query that seemed 
significant (more than 4 seconds vs less than 200 ms on Pg).
> I have the suspicion that you have
> encountered the Linux problem with HugePageMap management.
> This can lead to unexpected stalls.
> Sjoerd/Niels can give you the details to avoid it.
Great, this seems like an interesting track to follow...

Thanks a lot for your input,


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