Problem with and monetdb command

Bingyi Cao cbe1990 at
Thu Jul 11 20:51:32 CEST 2013


I am new to MonetDB. I installed MonetDB yesterday. And I run The
results are as below:

*!ERROR:  Testing FAILED SIGNIFICANTLY (18 out of 1854 tests failed)*
*   40 out of 1854 tests could not be executed*
*    1 out of 1854 tests produced slightly different output*
*        sql/test/BugTracker-2012/predicate_select.Bug-3090*
*   17 out of 1854 tests produced SIGNIFICANTLY different output*
*        monetdb5/optimizer/inlineFunction*
*        monetdb5/optimizer/ifthencst*
*        monetdb5/tests/BugTracker/kunion-and-nil.Bug-1667*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/Test_PSsomeamount*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/Test_PSlargebatchval*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/Test_PSmanycon*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/Test_PSmetadata*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/Test_PSsqldata*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/Test_Rsqldata*
*        sql/jdbc/tests/BugConcurrent_sequences*
*        sql/test/BugTracker-2010/incomplete-utf8-sequence.Bug-2575*
*        sql/test/BugTracker-2012/create_function.Bug-3172*
*        sql/test/BugTracker-2012/currenttime.Bug-2781*
*        sql/test/BugTracker-2012/null_except_null.Bug-3040*
*        sql/test/BugTracker-2012/day-of-month-localization.Bug-2962*
*        sql/test/Triggers/recursive_triggers*
* First, check the testing results in  /usr/local/mTests/index.html  !*
* Then, fix the problems by:*
*  - fixing sources and test scripts*
*  - fixing stable output by hand*
*  - approving test output by (cf. -?)*
* After that, re-run Mtest.*

I hasn't change any source code yet. I am not sure whether I installed it

Also now I have no problem with command monetdbd, mserver5, mclient.
However, I cannot use command with monetdb, the error information is always
as below:

monetdb: cannot find a control socket, use -h and/or -p

I did a little bit research, to me it seems that it should automatically
find a socket. Tell me if I am wrong. I also try to use the option -h -P,
which doesn't work still. Do I actually install it correctly  I tried to
uninstall and reinstall it,but it hasn't solve the problem at all.

Thanks very much!
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