Failing to load a table

Martin Kersten mk at
Thu Jul 4 19:04:15 CEST 2013

You might consider using a large number of columns using your own key, 
glued together with a view.

regards, Martin

On 7/4/13 5:15 PM, Franck Routier wrote:
> Thanks Stefan for your time and input,
>> NULL values are stored. For fixed width columns (e.g., all numbers), 
>> they take as much storage as any value of that type. For variable 
>> length types (e.g., strings, (both char & varchar)), they take 1 to 8 
>> byte, depending on the number of distinct values in that column.
> Ouch. That kind of defeats my plan to use the "columnar" version of my 
> table with MonetDB, as the trick with this huge table is that it is 
> mostly filled with nulls and finding the non-null lines for a column 
> is quick. At least it is with postgresql.
> Ok, I've got to rethink my approach.
> That said, would'nt avoiding to store nulls be an interesting 
> evolution of MonetDB ?
> Best regards,
> Franck
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