Failing to load a table

Franck Routier franck.routier at
Thu Jul 4 16:14:53 CEST 2013

Le 04/07/2013 15:12, Stefan Manegold a écrit :
> Please check what the monetdbd / merovingian log file says.
Hum... /var/log/monetdb is empty. And I can't locate any monet* log file.
>> The table size on disk for Postgresql is 37 GB.
>> Using VectorWise, the table loads, and take only 7 GB on disks, but
>> the loading process (very similar to what we do with MonetDB) takes
>> a very long time( 25 hours), much longer than what happens with the
>> 109 columns tables.
>> I am trying to make sense of that and understand why this table is
>> giving a (very) hard time to monetdb (and somehow VectorWise as
>> well).
>> Does anyone have an explanation ?
> Can you share the schemas (column types) of both tables?
Yes, sure.

The first table is called dwhinv and has :

89 columns of type varchar(32).
2 timestamps (not null)
2 decimal (at least one of them is set on each line)
19 integers

The second table is called dwhcol and has :

83 columns of type varchar(32)
2 timestamps
420 columns of type decimal

> For each type used the number of column with that type might be sufficient.
> If there are no string columns at all, that would be sufficient info for us
> to estimate the expected storage size.
> Other than duplicate elimination (dictionary encoding) for string columns,
> MonetDB does not yet use compressed storage.  We do have good experiences
> with compressed file systems, though.
What about null values ? I was under the impression that null values 
where not stored in monetdb (just non existant entries in the BATs) ?
Because each decimal column has at most 1 million non null values, and 
many have a few thousands... Doesn't it matter ?
> Do you have constraints and/or keys defined on your tables prior to bulk
> loading?
No, there are no foreign keys, nor constraints of any sort.


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