[MonetDB-users] eEnd of Stream

nat lu natlu2809 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 21:59:29 CEST 2011

I'm using Monet 11.5 on Ubuntu 11.04.

Ive created a database and am attempting to run a series of queries 
against it with a test script. This is in attempt to use Monet with 
Apache Jena. I had earlier mailed about a problem with temp tables, but 
have dodged that by using the monetdb account for now.

The first few succeed, but then I get the following error:

    java.sql.SQLException: Read from localhost:50000: End of stream
    reached (mserver still alive?)

Why does this happen, under what circumstances does it arise ? Is there 
anything I can do to avoid it ?

This is the query that it fails on:

    SELECT R_1.lex AS V_1_lex, R_1.datatype AS V_1_datatype, R_1.lang AS
    V_1_lang, R_1.type AS V_1_type,
       R_2.lex AS V_2_lex, R_2.datatype AS V_2_datatype, R_2.lang AS
    V_2_lang, R_2.type AS V_2_type
         ( SELECT T_1.s AS X_1
           FROM Triples AS T_1
           WHERE ( T_1.p = 2004134117598721274
              AND T_1.o = 435905340492217258 )
         ) AS T_1
         Triples AS T_2
       ON ( T_2.p = 3816485599920428794
        AND T_1.X_1 = T_2.s )
         Nodes AS R_1
       ON ( T_1.X_1 = R_1.hash )
         Nodes AS R_2
       ON ( T_2.o = R_2.hash )

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