[MonetDB-users] Bulk-importing boolean columns

Viktor Rosenfeld listuser36 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 17 20:25:16 CEST 2011


I need to bulk-import data that was bulk-exported from PostgreSQL. I
have only limited control over the raw data. 

I'm using the following command:

  COPY INTO table FROM '/path/to/filename' USING DELIMITERS '\t','\n','';

This generally works. The problem is boolean data which is exported by
PostgreSQL using the values "t" and "f" (unquoted). MonetDB expects
"true" and "false" here. My current work-around is opening the file in
Vim and substituting the values (%s/\tt\t/\ttrue\t/g and

Is there a way to make MonetDB accept the original PostgreSQL data?


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