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Mon Sep 29 02:56:48 CEST 2008


I found this subject in the archives, and I am having the same problem.

>> What is currently the best practice of connecting to MonetDB5/SQL? Is
>> there much overhead in the connection phase (thus: cache the connection)
>> or can a developer just reconnect each time the database connection is
>> required without much overhead?
>> The target platform is extremely demanding in requests and memory, so I
>> would like to design it good from the start.

>Then go for connection pooling.  Logging in requires a handshake, which
>is expensive on large scale.  Beware that using >1 connection at the
>same time to an SQL server is a challenge that is only minimally tested.
>My practical experiences with that boils down to signal 11.

Would you let me know more detail?
Your meaning of "Beware that using >1 connection at the same time..." is
which case?

 Case 1. : 2 or more process try to connect at the same.
 Case 2. : 1 process is connecting, and other process try to connect.

I appreciate your kindly support.

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