[MonetDB-users] "merovingian" usage

Venks venkatesh.mantha at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 20:07:16 CET 2007

Recent installation of MonetDB showed the following text at the end of
the installation.

You can start using MonetDB/SQL by starting
in the background.  Read the merovingian(1), monetdb(1) and
mclient(1) manpages to learn how to create a database and
afterwards connect to it.

Is "merovingian" ready for usage?

When I type "merovingian" I am getting the following error:

unable to create .merovingian_lock file in
/root/countdb/var/MonetDB5/dbfarm: No such file or directory

That's because there is no MonetDB5 directory yet. This may be of
importance to us as I need to do the following:

- Run MonetDB in background
- Create the database directory, LOG, CheckPoint and any other files
related to any database in a user specified directory.

Right now I am using mserver5 executable in a script to start MonetDB
in the background. This script was provided by you (Fabian)

Please let me know if I need to start using "merovingian" for my needs.



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