[MonetDB-users] SQL DELETE bug?

Sander Kruseman kruseman at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 29 14:29:04 CET 2007


Using server v5.0.0 on Windows with the JDBC terminal v1.18.0, SQL DELETE
statements appear to fail. Working in autocommit mode, I issue the
following commands:

create table test (id int unique not null, name varchar(10) not null);
insert into test (id, name) values (1, 'jan');
delete from test where id = 1;
select * from test;

I get no rows, as was to be expected. However, using DbVisualizer (also
using JDBC) I can still see the one inserted table row (after Reload

After restarting both server and JDBC terminal, I also get the row when
using the JDBC terminal. Bug or ignorance?

Note that I am using my own schema having been setup with its own user,
similar to the VOC tutorial.

kind regards,
Sander Kruseman

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