[MonetDB-users] Large Databases

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Mon Oct 29 08:29:30 CET 2007

algatt wrote:
I guess you are working on a 32-bit machine, which incurs an addressing 
limitation of 2GB.
Most tables in MonetDB are memory mapped files, which indeed means that 
at some point
the OS can not allocate (virtual) memory anymore and simply kills the 
Since it is in the middle of a load, recovery records are likely incomplete.
> I am trying to create a large database almost 10GB (TPC-H). 
> When I try to bulk load a 7GB file the server does not work anymore. First,
> the server quits in the middle of the bulk load, then when I try to re-start
> the server it does not start showing a message about the OS not having
> enough space. 
> Then I split the 7GB file into individuals 1GB files, after I upload around
> 4GB individually, the server crashes. Then when I re-start the server it
> does not start stating that the BACKUP folder cannot be accessed and not
> enough permissions!
> I am using MonetDB 5 on Windows XP 1GB RAM.
> Any ideas? 
> Thank You.
> alan

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