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Matt Magoffin monetdb at msqr.us
Tue Oct 2 22:14:43 CEST 2007


I am interested in evaluating MonetDB/XQuery. I have some XML collections
for a project I work on that are of 1-2 million individual XML documents
for which I use XQuery to access for OLAP style reporting operations. This
is a Java-based project, and while working on this project I developed a
thin XQuery-centric API so that I could evaluate/use many different XQuery
implementations, which my company released as an open source project
called Xaj (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xaj). Currently I am using a
Berkeley DB XML implementation, but am interested in exploring other

I'd like to implement a MonetDB version of this API now, but I am having
some difficulty finding out how to effectively access MonetDB through
Java. So far I was able to use the MonetDB JDBC driver to construct XQuery
statements and get XML results, and also I was able to construct MonetDB
pf:add-doc() statements to add documents, but I am wondering if this is
the best approach (and if so, how to add documents to a remote MonetDB
server using the pf:add-doc() mechanism).

The API I am trying to implement you can view here, to give you an idea
what I'm trying to do:


It was somewhat modeled after the defunct XML:DB API, but focused just on
add/store/XQuery operations. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated!

-- m@

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