[MonetDB-users] Benchmark on MonetDB/X100

Konstantinos Krikellas K.Krikellas at sms.ed.ac.uk
Wed Dec 26 13:57:43 CET 2007

I want to use MonetDB for benchmarking on the TPC-H workload. According
to the paper "MonetDB/X100 - A DBMS In The CPU Cache", the X100 module
achieves significant acceleration against MonetDB/MIL on Query 1 of
TPC-H. Still, when I search your site, there is no reference about how
it is possible to activate X100 inside MonetDB. I have only found X100
in your repository for mserver5 in Sourceforge, but it is not currently
active. Therefore, I have the following questions:
a) Has X100 been integrated to the Mserver5  version of MonetDB, or
included as an extension module?
b) Does Mserver5 use vector processing as proposed in the paper
"MonetDB/X100: Hyper-Pipelining Query Execution" (CIDR 2005) ?
c) How is it possible to use MonetDB/X100 for benchmarking purposes? Are
there any instructions online?
Thank you.
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