[MonetDB-users] Is there a Front End for SPARQL to MonetDB Backend

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Fri Dec 21 10:54:36 CET 2007

Fabian Groffen wrote:
> On 19-12-2007 11:18:06 -0800, sateesh wrote:
>> HI All,
>>   I am wondering whether any effort is made to build a frontend which
>> accepts SPARQL Queries and convers them into MIL for the Monet Back-end ??
MIL is deprecated.

>>   Or how difficult to use MIL Directly in a Programming language like Java??
>> (Which is basically developing the front-end)
>>   If such front-end accepts either SQL or XQuery etc then it has to be a
>> Query Parser and Optimizer . How ever if it uses MIL Directly then i guess
>> we don't need a Query Parser and Optimizer..!!
> JDBC can send MAL (or MIL) queries, but you have to enable this manually
> using the language=mal URL argument.  Also when you do, it is your job
> to make sure no protocol violations occur.  The latter is not always
> trivial, but shouldn't be so hard either.  Because this route really
> requires some in-depth knowledge of the Mapi protocol and MAL language,
> JDBC doesn't offer it as a supported language.
>>  Any comments or info reg SPARQL Related front-ends will be of great help
> I have been told there are movements on this front to make an SPARQL
> implementation, but those are not planned for the (very) short term.
A project to implement SPARQL on top of the M5/SQL engine starts in
januari 2008. Depending on the progress, we expect that results become
available in the development branch summer of 2008.

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