[MonetDB-users] connecting to monetDB from a Java program

Ying Zhang Y.Zhang at cwi.nl
Thu Dec 13 17:21:54 CET 2007

Hello Gerben,

On Dec 13, 2007, at 15:36 , <e.g.broenink at student.utwente.nl> <e.g.broenink at student.utwente.nl 
 > wrote:

> Hello Jennie,
> I got the system working, I can write SOAP messages and execute them  
> on the server. However there is a new problem.
> I'm using the system to execute a few thousand queries, and the  
> problem is that MonetDB is caching a lot of (intermediate) results,  
> therefore, after a few honderd queries the server has cached over  
> 800MB, and the system becomes very slow.

Mmm, this is annoying.  Do you mean that MonetDB is using more memory  
("over 800MB") or is the size of you dbfarm growing?  If the memory  
usage is growing, it sounds like a leak, but I don't know if XRPC is  
eating up your memory, or is MonetDB doing that (so I cc this e-mail  
to the monetdb-users mailing-list).  It's an interesting problem to  
investigate.  Would you please provide us more information about your  

- the xml data you are working on
- the xquery functions you are using, or are causing your problems
- the request messages you use
- which version of MonetDB4 are you using?
- which OS (and it version) are you using?

> I would like to restart the server after a few honderd queries, do  
> you know how I can do that? (can I send a SOAP message to restart?)  
> Or is there another way of solving this problem?

No, it is not possible to send SOAP messages to restart an Mserver.   
You might be able to send MIL commands to stop Mserver to stop it, and  
use a script to check regularly if your Mserver is still running, and  
(re)start Mserver if it is not running (any more).


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