[MonetDB-users] Shell script to start MonetDB as service on Linux

Matthew McKennirey mmckennirey at comcast.net
Thu Dec 13 03:15:21 CET 2007

Is anyone aware of any UNIX shell scripts (bash, bourne, C) that exist 
to start the MonetDB server as a service on Linux (/etc/init.d).

I have successfully (and, well done to the team, painlessly) installed 
MonetDB from the MonetDB-Mars-SuperBall-SR4.tar.bz2 and tried out the 
VOC demo. All is well.

However I am struggling with merovingian and monetdb trying to figure 
out how to get things to start correctly in a scripted manner so that 
the database is ready when the server finishes booting. I have searched 
the users list, and others and read presentations on the issue of 
painlessly starting MonetDB (/etc/init.d/monetdb start) but am no 
further ahead.

If anyone has a script I would be grateful.

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