[MonetDB-users] RUBY expert wanted ! Re: Persistent Stored Modules ?

Martin Kersten Martin.Kersten at cwi.nl
Sat Dec 8 08:50:11 CET 2007

Venks wrote:
> I need to perform some ETL processing for which  I need CURSOR support
> in a PSAM. I read the meta-data in a CURSOR and dynamically create SQL
> statements for execution. According to documentation CURSORS are not
> supported because of the underlying data model in a PSM. This means I
> can't use PSM for my ETL processing. Let me know if there is anything
> I could use a PSM in my ETL process.
> I only wish you had a driver for Ruby. I see that you have PERL,
> Python and PHP. It would be great if we have a Ruby Library (:-
Yes, it is on our wishlist for almost a year. The key problem is that we 
don't have
access to an *experienced* Ruby programmer. If in the community there is 
a person, who also knows C, and who has some spare time to help out, we 
are glad
to join forces to create this API.

Our estimate is that wrapping Mapi library into Ruby is a matter of a 
few days
(or even less). The subsequent construction of the driver classes takes 
more time.

> Regards,
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