[MonetDB-users] Changing default monetdb password

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Wed Dec 5 09:07:50 CET 2007

On 04-12-2007 19:10:53 -0500, Venks wrote:
>    I downloaded the latest current release from CVS and installed it
>    successfully. I ran the command ./mserver5 at the UNIX prompt and
>    executed the following command:
>    >clients.changePassword("monetdb","monetdb1") ;
>    I didn't get any error so I assumed it worked. But when I tried to
>    connect using the new password from "mclient" it didn't work, but
>    worked with the default password. So I tried to change the
>    password again using the above command and now I am getting the
>    following error:
>    !InvalidCredentialsException:changePassword:Access denied
>    #function user.main():void;
>    #    clients.changePassword("monetdb","csdb");
>    #end main;
>    -Venks

SourceForge's anonymous CVS has a delay.  It should have synced it now,
I hope.  Otherwise, the current nightlies should include the fix.

By the way, please note that you can also change the monetdb username
into something else.

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