[MonetDB-users] inserting into default schema?

Fabian Groffen Fabian.Groffen at cwi.nl
Wed Dec 5 09:05:32 CET 2007

On 04-12-2007 23:54:24 -0700, m h wrote:
> On Nov 30, 2007 3:01 PM, Niels Nes <Niels.Nes at cwi.nl> wrote:
> > On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 02:52:34PM -0700, m h wrote:
> > > If I create a table, by default it goes into the "tmp" schema.
> > The "tmp" schema isn't intended for such usage. Its to store
> > 'temporary' tables, ie those created using.
> >
> > create temp table x
> >
> > With a normal login to MonetDB/SQL using the monetdb user,
> > you will end up in the sys schema, ie new tables are created inside
> > this one.
> >
> > Anyway if you don't want that, then you should create your own
> > schema and user(s) etc.
> Does the JDBC driver store newly created tables in the tmp schema?
> sys?  Some other default?

The JDBC driver just opens a normal SQL session, so it stores tables
without explicit given schema in the default schema, which can be set
	ALTER USER "myuser" SET SCHEMA "myschema"

Alternatively, within a session you can use
	SET SCHEMA "myschema"


monetdb-> create schema "myschema";
Operation successful

monetdb-> set schema "myschema";

monetdb-> create table a (id int);
Operation successful

monetdb-> \d
TABLE   myschema.a

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