[MonetDB-users] Profiling queries

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 20:56:27 CET 2007

Hello all-

First of all thanks to you guys for your great help these past few
weeks.  I really appreciate it.  I've learned a bit, and hopefully
your product is improving from my bug reports.

I've managed to pull a bit of my data from my proprietary db into
monetdb. (Have some 60 million rows in the fact table, pulled in 5
million)!  I even ran a query against it and got the same numbers
(though in a different order)!

So I did a very basic poor mans benchmark.  My python code can hit the
old db or monetdb by changing one line.  So I took timestamps around
the query execution portion.

The old db takes 0.21 seconds when cold.  Subsequent queries take
0.027-0.072 seconds

Monetdb takes 0.67 seconds when cold and 0.12-0.23 otherwise.

It appears that the old db is faster when cold than monetdb is after
being primed.

A few more caveats.  (Yes, this is a poor benchmark but after reading
pdfs saying that monetdb was 7 times faster than a 64 way oracle box,
I thought I'd get quite a bit of speedup.)  The old db is running
under vmware on a Core2 1.86Ghz box.  Monetdb is running on my laptop,
a Pentium M 1.86 Ghz machine.

Since the query is confidential I can't really put it here, but I can
describe it.  I'm pulling stuff out of my fact table and two other
dimension tables.  The select clause sums a few columns, and on one
sums the product of one column and the sum of a few others.  The
coalesce function is used to convert NULLs to 0.  The where statement
joins the tables using the = operator and then has two "IN" clauses.
Then there is a group by (since I'm aggregating in the select) and an
order by.

Any hints on how to increase performance?  Do I need to tune my query
or tweak other things?  (Yes I know the laptop machine is not apples
to apples to the vmware machine)

Am open to suggestions.

thanks much,


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