[MonetDB-users] xquery over large amount of small documents

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Wed Jul 26 20:39:27 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I asked something like this question last year and I'm basically 
checking up on the progress since then. I hope this mail is not 
interpreted as demanding anything; I can see you guys are doing 
impressive work, I'm just trying to give feedback from the perspective 
of an application developer drooling over the potential of XML databases..

I can see on your website that collections() support is not there yet 
(marked as "will", though).

I also looked at this page:


'many small documents' is not listed on this roadmap.

On another roadmap page however:


I do see the following entry (for the september release this year):

XQuery: support for large numbers of small documents

This gives me hope. :) Is that still the plan? If so, it might be useful 
to update the XQuery roadmap with that tidbit from the main MonetDB 
roadmap, as I might not be the only one who is looking for such features.

My use case is that of a CMS - large amounts of smaller XML documents 
that it would be nice to do efficient queries over. Updating small parts 
of documents (XUpdate) would be nice, but whole-document updates would 
be okay already, though that might actually mean something like XUpdate 
to you guys, as you might deal with collections internally as something 
close to one giant document.

Monet is tantalizing because it promises supreme xquery performance but 
the applications I can imagine do need support for large quantities of 
smaller documents. If there's a version under development somewhere that 
supports this feature I'd be happy to try playing with it and give some 

Thanks for the attention!



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