[MonetDB-users] monetdb failing tests on FreeBSD

Stefan Manegold Stefan.Manegold at cwi.nl
Fri May 27 09:27:03 CEST 2005

Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for been interested in MonetDB and for sharing your
experiences with us!

> Hi,
> I just installed MonetDB-4.8.0_rc0 on FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE running on an 
> opteron.
> To get it to compile I added this to monetdb_config.h:
> #define __BSD_VISIBLE 1
> and I changed
> /* #define _POSIX_C_SOURCE 200112L */
> /* XXX JOE */
> #define _POSIX_C_SOURCE 200112

as far as I recall, we haven't tried the compile MonetDB on FreeBSD, before
(we don't have any FreeBSD machines ourselves), hence, we were not yet aware
that the changes you report are necessary.
Thanks for reporting them. "Eventually", we will have to fix our configure
process to take care of them, but I'm not sure, whether we will have time
to do this before the release on Sunday --- especially since we don't have a
FreeBSD machine to test the changes --- hence, I hope, it's will not be too
much of a problem, if you'll have to apply these patches "by hand" again for
the final release.

> because a freebsd system header already had _POSIX_C_SOURCE defined 
> without the L.
> when running "gmake check" I get:
>      2 out of  69 tests could not be executed
>      2 out of  69 tests produced slightly different output
>      2 out of  69 tests produced SIGNIFICANTLY different output
> the output is at http://theoden.vpop.net/~joe/mtest/

First of all, though running on an opteron, you seem to have compiled
MonetDB with 32-bit. Well, this is not a problem, and I'm actually not
completely sure, whether your FreeBSD is 64-bit (though I guess so ;-));
apparently, you have all necessary libraries installed in 32-bit format.
The point is, that our configure be default choses 32-bit "even" on 64-bit
systems (also here, we haven't had the time to change this; sorry for the
inconvenience...). If you prefer 64-bit MonetDB; you need to recompile from
scratch, running configure with "--enable-bits=64".

The 2 that could not be executed are src/mapi/Tests/utf_8_JAVA &
src/modules/mnetcdf/Tests/mnetcdf . For the first one, java is required, but
configure apparently could not find a suitable java (MonetDB required java
>= 1.4) on your machine, and the second one couldn't be executed since we
don't support (and hence compile) module mnetcdf in MonetDB 4.8 --- I'll
remove the test. Hence, there's surely no need to "worry" about the latter;
and neither about the former, unless you want to connect to MonetDB from
java programs.

The 2 "slightly different output"s are src/modules/plain/Tests/aggr &
src/modules/plain/Tests/aggrX3 . In both cases, the differences stem from
the fact that different systems/machines appear to have (slight) differences
in floating point accuracy. Thi sis normal, and hence nothing to worry

The 2 "SIGNIFICANTLY different output"s are src/gdk/Tests/cast &
src/modules/plain/Tests/arith appear since differnt systems do produce
different output for these tests. This is the "nature" of these tests, and
we provide "system-specific" output for all systems that we know (i.e., have
access to, and hence can test on); there is no specific FreeBSD output
(yet?). Hence, also these are fine.

I hope, this information helps you.

Please lets us know, in case you have more questions, suggestions, etc.

Kind Regards,


> Any idea what this means and why?  I am brand new to monetdb.
> thanks,
> -joe

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