Announcement: New release of MonetDB JDBC driver

martin van dinther martin.van.dinther at
Thu Sep 26 19:42:54 CEST 2019

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce new releases
of the MonetDB Java jar files, including the MonetDB JDBC driver.
The download location is <>.

The jar files are now named according to Java version compatibility. For
example, the monetdb-jdbc-2.29.jre7.jar file should be used with Java 7
or higher.

In this release we have added an implementation for the
java.sql.CallableStatement interface. Some standard Java applications
(e.g. Pentaho-Kettle) require this JDBC interface for executing SQL
stored procedures. We currently only support IN parameters, because
MonetDB only supports input parameters for stored procedures (no OUT or
INOUT parameters) and no return value(s).

Besides some bug fixes we have also:
- reduced the number of objects created (and thereby heap memory size)
at many places,
- reduced the number of methods called where possible and
- added more checks on invalid parameter values to improve robustness.
These improvements and fixes should increase the overall JDBC driver
stability and performance.

For more details on this release, please see the ChangeLog at

Martin van Dinther

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