JOIN using OR and winerror translation

Daniel Zvinca daniel.zvinca at
Mon Oct 21 13:03:21 CEST 2019


During a complex join between two tables that involve an OR operation, I
received the following error message:
!OS: The printer is out of paper.
This corresponds to error number 28 in Windows OS, yet in errno.h, 28 is
for ENOSPC, which is the expected one.

In the meanwhile, I fixed that join, replacing the complex condition that
included one OR into a UNION ALL (conditions made that possible),
but I think it's worth investigating possible optimization that would do
this internally (transforming join conditions using OR with plain UNION).

Anyway, if above suggestion is just something to think about (as long as it
always exists a solution in the hands of the SQL developer),
the winerror translation certainly requires a review. (mutils.c / int
winerror(int e));

Thank you,
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