Compiler optimizations and MonetDB performance

aris aris.koning at
Thu Mar 28 14:25:45 CET 2019

Hi all,

One of our customers has pointed out that GCC 7+ has a reasonable large 
number of additions to their optimization algorithms and this customer 
was wondering if the MonetDB R&D community is aware of these compiler 
improvements and what their combined effect is on the performance of 
MonetDB. This customer seems to be contemplating to adopt the build 
process of MonetDB into their own build & deployment pipelines. So they 
are interested in the most optimal build signature for MonetDB on their 
Centos environment.

Somebody already pointed out that given the kernel architecture of 
MonetDB, there is a chance that for instance, (new) inner loop 
optimizations can be useful for MonetDB since we put quite some effort 
into deciding which specialized algorithm to use for a particular 
relational algebraic operation before we dispatch the workload to the 
designated tight and specialized inner loop that does the actual work.

Is anybody aware of existing evaluations/benchmarks related to different 
compiler, compiler settings and architectures/instruction set 
extensions? Or is it planned? Or should it be planned :)

Kind regards,


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