Announcement: New Jul2017-SP2 Bugfix release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at
Thu Oct 26 13:58:35 CEST 2017

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the
Jul2017-SP2 bugfix release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

More information about MonetDB can be found on our website at

For details on this release, please see the release notes at

As usual, the download location is <>.

Jul 2017-SP2 bugfix release (11.27.9)

   MonetDB Common
     * A serious bug, possibly resulting in database corruption, having to
       do with appending data to a string BAT was fixed.

   Bug Fixes
     * 4017: server crashes when executing particular loopback query in
       embedded python
     * 6207: identifier ambiguous when grouping and selecting the same
       column twice
     * 6239: Incorrect profiling
     * 6261: New handling of delta tables hurts badly reusage of bats
     * 6287: should the CORR function return some numeric type that allows
     * 6321: Two-column aggregation on join result extremely slow.
     * 6335: Sqlitelogictest crash in complex SQL query
     * 6343: MERGE TABLE issue: unable to find
     * 6348: Interference of procedure/table name
     * 6350: Carriage return and form feed in TEXT fields are returned as
       'r' and 'f' in jdbcclient and ResultSets
     * 6352: Scope resolution problem (sqlsmith)
     * 6353: implicit NULL value not propagated in distributed/remote
     * 6374: Wrong answer from merge table after content changes
     * 6379: Table UDF: SEGV raised when invoking a non existing function
     * 6380: unable to create new databases from clean installation
     * 6381: Parser misses error messages in conditional
     * 6382: Can't set JSON fields via PreparedStatement
     * 6384: crash when setting a wrong listenaddr
     * 6385: AGGREGATE UDFs with more than 2 parameters incorrectly
     * 6386: Unexpected error from server for query with long floats
     * 6387: Performance degradation on multi column sort
     * 6388: JDBC Connection via user voc produces errors when fetching
       certain meta data information
     * 6392: SELECT EXISTS (empty table) returns 'true'
     * 6395: BAT leak of scalar result sets
     * 6397: Isolation of generating functions not correct
     * 6398: Null Matches in outer join are not supported
     * 6399: UDF crashes when subquery and scalar values are passed as
     * 6400: getCharacterStream() currently not supported
     * 6404: COPY INTO crashes if table has primary key or foreign key
     * 6405: Compilation error if DISABLE_PARENT_HASH not defined
     * 6409: sqllogictest crash on aggregation query with NOT IN clause in
       HAVING clause
     * 6410: Sqlitelogictest crash on aggregation query with IN clause
     * 6411: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query
     * 6412: Overflow in sys.epoch
     * 6413: Wrong answer for TPC-H Q17
     * 6414: Using RPAD returns: could not allocate space
     * 6416: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query with a NOT IN
     * 6417: Segfault encountered (sqlsmith)
     * 6418: Segfault in renaming (sqlsmith)
     * 6419: segfault in rel_optimizer (sqlsmith)
     * 6420: Assertion error in mergetable task (sqlsmith)
     * 6422: Another assertion error in rel_or (sqlsmith)
     * 6423: Dereference null pointer (sqlsmith)
     * 6424: Assertion error in rel_rename_expr (sqlsmith)
     * 6425: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
     * 6426: Assertion error in rel_find_exp_ (sqlsmith)
     * 6427: Assertion error in eq_typeswitchloop (sqlsmith)
     * 6428: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query
     * 6430: Assertion raised in another eq_typeswitch error (sqlsmith)
     * 6431: Sqlitelogictest crash in aggregation query with a long having
     * 6432: Assertion error in exp_bin (sqlsmith)
     * 6433: Sqlitelogictest crash in complex SELECT query with IN
     * 6435: Sqlitelogictest crash in simple select query
     * 6437: System schemas "profiler" and "json" shouldn't be allowed to
       be dropped.
     * 6438: Implement functionality to enforce the restrict option in:
     * 6440: Faulty plan generated. Query returns more rows than expected
       or existing in the view sys.tables.

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