Announcement: New Dec2016-SP4 Bugfix release of MonetDB suite

Sjoerd Mullender sjoerd at
Mon May 1 13:46:34 CEST 2017

The MonetDB team at CWI/MonetDB BV is pleased to announce the
Dec2016-SP4 bugfix release of the MonetDB suite of programs.

More information about MonetDB can be found on our website at

For details on this release, please see the release notes at

As usual, the download location is <>.

Dec 2016-SP4 bugfix release

   MonetDB5 Server
     * Fixed a bug causing a crash during cleanup when mserver5 is stopped
       with monetdb stop database.
     * Some memory leaks were plugged.

   MonetDB Common
     * A potential deadlock was fixed in order index creation.
     * A bug that could happen during recovery of the write-ahead log
       (WAL) was fixed. See changeset 98ad79c555cc for details.

     * Some memory leaks were plugged.
     * Upgrade code was added for an old change in the sys.settimeout
     * A bug was fixed with the automatic "vacuum" operation on system

   Bug Fixes
     * 6110: cast of a SQL boolean value to a string or clob or (var)char
       is wrong
     * 6254: Crash (and assertion failure) after querying a view which
       uses a correlated subquery in the select-list
     * 6256: Assertion Trigger on FULL OUTER JOIN with more than two
       BETWEEN clauses
     * 6257: wrong count values (1 instead of 0) for correlated
       aggregation queries
     * 6258: Vulnerability in FITS and NETCDF data vaults
     * 6259: crash on select query from sqlitelogictests
     * 6260: Sqlitelogictest crash
     * 6288: Function cannot find column in merge table
     * 6295: msqldump writes unescaped timestamp values when using inserts

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