Trying to make sense of multi-farm databases

Eyal Rozenberg E.Rozenberg at
Fri Jul 21 12:58:01 CEST 2017

To clarify/correct: I mean this changeset

(so not sure it was merged in the Jul 2016 release.)

Also, I remember BATs could  be persistent or transient, but I'm not
sure that's exactly what this new role field is supposed to mean.

On 7/21/17 12:05 PM, Eyal Rozenberg wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've noticed a change introduced to the release version in Jun 2016 that
> I can't find a bugzilla bug or a detailed comment for, and I wish to
> understand a little better: multi-farm DBs, or multi-farm BAT buffer
> pools if you will.
> Questions:
> * Why do we have them?
> * Are BAT "roles", introduced with the patch for this issue, inherently
> relevant only with multiple DB farms? If not, why were they introduced
> at the same time and with the same changeset?
> * Is this considered a "good idea" design-wise, or perhaps an
> unfortunate necessity (e.g. due to client needs)?
> * When you create a new DB, is there a chance more than a single DB farm
> will be created when you haven't specifically requested this happen?
> Eyal
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