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Mark Raasveldt m.raasveldt at cwi.nl
Thu Jul 21 18:39:41 CEST 2016

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> From: Alberto Ferrari <aferrari at starconnecting.com>
> Subject: Monet php_mapi.inc
> Date: 21 July 2016 at 17:22:34 GMT+2
> To: Mark Raasveldt <m.raasveldt at cwi.nl>
> Hi Mark,
> (about https://dev.monetdb.org/hg/MonetDB/file/tip/clients/php/lib/php_mapi.inc)
> I've been using the "php_mapi.inc" in my php web application in the
> last few months. So I modified the "php_mapi.inc" to a php class,
> which is more efficient and correct (to me).
> I am not registered in the Mercurial repo, so , if you (or somebody)
> are interested on my "class" version, I can send you attached, and
> then feel free to publish it, if you want.
> Just tell me.
> regards
> Alberto Ferrari.

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