BigDecimal Bug in MonetDB JDBC Driver

Søren Haagerup sh at
Thu Oct 29 13:46:06 CET 2015

Hello developers,

I found a bug when using BigDecimals in prepared statements with MonetDB¹s
JDBC driver.

If I have a column of type DECIMAL(15,2) and insert a big decimal with the
value 627000.00 through a PreparedStatement, it will turn out as 630000.00
in the DB, since the MonetDB JDBC driver currently mixes up "precision"
and "scale", and rounds 627000.00 to a precision of 2 ciphers.

I made a bugfix for it, and it can be seen here:

I¹m sorry for not committing it directly to your repository, but since I
am not a Mercurial user, I hope someone else will use this information to
improve the official JDBC driver.

Best regards
Søren Haagerup

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