Concurrent Transaction control in MonetDB

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I read the following lines in a thesis on MonetDB titled - "Improving
Transactional Stability in MonetDB" where in they had explained the
concurrency control in MonetDB as

"Concurrent updates (writers) are not anticipated and in case of N
con􏰃icting transactions, only one of them (the one having the earliest
time-stamp) is guaranteed to eventually commit its changes.
Concurrent appends (on the same table) are detected as write-to-write
conflicts and only the writer carrying the earliest time-stamp will end up
committing successfully, the rest will be aborted."

Why is that the transaction having the earliest timestamp is allowed to
commit, in case of a conflict?
Shouldn't it be the latest transaction that should commit on a data, since
the latest transaction would be having the latest version of data?

Or, what am I getting wrong here? Any help much appreciated.

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