MonetDB concurrent commits exception

Vijay Krishna vijayakrishna55 at
Fri Nov 13 14:45:29 CET 2015


I am running a setup on MonetDB where in concurrent transactions take
place. Everything works very fine but for a few transactions getting
aborted due to SQLExceptions.

I have set *auto commit to false* for all these transactions. I am getting
frequent SQLExceptions with the message as
*java.sql.SQLException: COMMIT: failed*

But if I retry the same transaction, this works fine. Any idea on what
would be the reason for frequent commit fails?

When I set *auto commit to true* for the transactions, I get similarly
frequent Exceptions but the message becomes
*java.sql.SQLException: COMMIT: transaction is aborted because of
concurrency conflicts*

Is it like both the exception thrown be for the same cause?

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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