About the Join Algorithm in MonetDB

Zhiwei Fan zfan29 at wisc.edu
Fri Mar 13 04:29:11 CET 2015

Dear Developers of MonetDB,

        ?I really appreciate your excellent work on MonetDB. I am a student in University of Wisconsin Madison and now I am doing research on processing machine learning in the column-oriented Database since we have found a way that could possibly improve the performance of learning process if we use data stored in column rather than data stored  in row. For the research purpose, we need to know the detail of the join algorithm in column-store database in order to analyze the cost of the process. And monetDB, as we know, has done a very good job in this part, so I hope you could tell us about the details of the join algorithms implemented in the monetDB, that would be really helpful and we would really appreciate it! Thanks.

Best Regards

Zhiwei Fan

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