Transaction-replication, monetdbd database properties and other changes on default

Dimitar Nedev dimitar.nedev at
Tue Jun 23 16:27:52 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

We've recently merged the transaction-replicaiton branch into the default. That means that you can try out the new, still experimental, transaction-replication if you build the MonetDB default branch. Since there is already a release branch for the next feature release (July2015), the transaction-replicaiton support will not be part of the next major release.

In general, most changes affect a database instance if it runs as a slave, master instances should function just as before. So unless you flip the right switches (and it cannot happen accidentally*) you shouldn't notice any differences. Most code changes are in gdk_logger, where a few large functions (including logger_new) were split into smaller one to accommodate for the need of new read-only logger. That is, a logger that only reads transactions and persists them in the data store.

In additional, you can now set any property to a database (mserver5) instance running under the MonetDB-Daemon (monetdbd). Previously only a few preset properties could be set via the monetdbd. The current preset properties will still function as before, both in terms of mapping monetdb-to-mserver5 names and allowed values.

* I will provide more information how to turn on and try out the transaction-replication in a blog post on the website very soon.

Best regards,

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