Examples for changing table scheme from MAL/C

Sherzod Mutalov shmutalov at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 14:52:26 CEST 2015

Hello Developers,

I wrote follow function, which renames table column:

C source:

/* Rename column
 * rename_column(schema:str, table:str, oldColumnName:str, newColumnName:str)
 * */
rename_column(Client cntxt, MalBlkPtr mb, MalStkPtr stk, InstrPtr pci)
        /* arguments */
        int* result = getArgReference_int(stk, pci, 0);
        str* schemaName = getArgReference_str(stk, pci, 1);
        str* tableName = getArgReference_str(stk, pci, 2);
        str* oldColumnName = getArgReference_str(stk, pci, 3);
        str* newColumnName = getArgReference_str(stk, pci, 4);

        sql_schema* schema;
        sql_table* table;
        sql_column* oldColumn;
        sql_column* newColumn;

        mvc *m = NULL;

        str msg;

        *result = 0;

        /* check for SQL context */
        if ((msg = getSQLContext(cntxt, mb, &m, NULL)) != NULL)
                return msg;
        if ((msg = checkSQLContext(cntxt)) != NULL)
                return msg;

        /* get schema */
        schema = mvc_bind_schema(m, *schemaName);

        if (schema == NULL)
                throw(SQL, "rename_column", "Schema not found");

        /* get table */
        table = mvc_bind_table(m, schema, *tableName);

        if (table == NULL)
                throw(SQL, "rename_column", "Table not found");

        if (strcmp(*oldColumnName, *newColumnName) == 0)
                throw(SQL, "rename_column", "New column name is same as old name");

        /* get old column */
        oldColumn = mvc_bind_column(m, table, *oldColumnName);

        if (oldColumn == NULL)
                throw(SQL, "rename_column", "Column not found");

        /* get old column */
        newColumn = mvc_bind_column(m, table, *newColumnName);

        if (newColumn)
                throw(SQL, "rename_column", "Column with new name already exists");

        sql_schema* sysSchema = mvc_bind_schema(m, "sys");
        sql_table* sct = mvc_bind_table(m, sysSchema, "_columns");
        sql_column* sctId = mvc_bind_column(m, sct, "id");
        sql_column* sctName = mvc_bind_column(m, sct, "name");

        if (m->debug)
                fprintf(stderr, "rename_column: Renaming column %s(id:%d, nr:%d) to %s\n"
                                , oldColumn->base.name, oldColumn->base.id, oldColumn->colnr
                                , newColumnName);

        oid rowId = table_funcs.column_find_row(m->session->tr, sctId, (void* )&oldColumn->base.id, NULL);

        /* set the new name */
        oldColumn->base.name = GDKstrdup(*newColumnName);

        /* update system table */
        table_funcs.column_update_value(m->session->tr, sctName, rowId, (void* )oldColumn->base.name);

        if (m->debug)
                fprintf(stderr, "rename_column: Rename finished\n");

        *result = 1;

        return MAL_SUCCEED;

I  inserted  this  function into sql.c, because I don't know how to call
sql kernel functions from UDF (udf.c).

MAL source:

    module udf;

    # rename_column
    pattern rename_column(schemaName:str, tableName:str, oldColumnName:str, newColumnName:str):int
    address rename_column
    comment "Rename column of SQL table";

SQL source:

    -- rename_column
    create function rename_column(schemaName string, tableName string, oldColumnName string, newColumnName string)
    returns int external name udf.rename_column;

I am calling rename function from mclient:

    CREATE TABLE test (column1 int, column2 string);
    SELECT rename_column('sys', 'test', 'column1', 'column3');

Function  succeeds,  but  after  restarting server and  calling  "test" table
unexpectedly  stops  the  server. Someone can explain me, how to debug
mserver5 on Windows environment "before" it goes to cras.

Best regards,
 Sherzod                          mailto:shmutalov at gmail.com

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